Six Tail Light Corvette

Contents-Whats NewThe SCCC club logo features a unique custom styling cue that could have been found on a mid year Corvette. Where did this six tail light modification come from? Why is it uniquely Southern Californian? A former Corvette salesman was responsible for this modification.
Bob Wingate was a very successful Corvette salesman. He set records selling muscle cars and Corvettes in the 60’s. He worked for Clippinger Chevrolet of Covina, California. Bob’s success in selling performance cars did not go unnoticed by is competitors. Offers for his services by the competition were inevitable. Chevrolet kept Bob in house by enticing him with several Corvettes.
One of the four cars that Bob received was a very special 1967 Corvette. The car was ordered as a ‘Fleet and Special Order’ or an ‘FSO’ car. This Corvette build included a 427 engine, side pipes, Torque Thrust wheels, flared fenders, and six tail lights. This was all wrapped up in special paint with the Clippinger Chevrolet livery on the side. This became an incredible company car!
The six tail light addition is the subject of Corvette lore. Did Bob’s mid year come from the factory with the additional tail lights or was this modified at Clippinger? This piece of history remains unclear, but it is evident that this styling cue originated with super salesman, Bob Wingate, aka ‘Mr. Corvette’. The modification was also immortalized in Jan and Dean’s hit song, Dean Man’s Curve.
Bob continued his sales success for Corvette and Chevrolet. He also became a conduit for Chevrolet factory racing parts. Bob took his company car on the road, helping to set up Corvette clubs around the country.
We honor Bob Wingate’s success in promoting the brand and popularizing Corvette clubs. All with a nod to his six tail light modification in our Southern California Corvette Club logo.

“…and all the Jag could see were my six tail lights…”-Jan & Dean

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