Southern California Corvette Club: History

The idea for a Corvette club started several years ago.  My wife, Renee, and I belonged to another Corvette club and enjoyed making many new friends.  As the club grew larger and less familiar, I noticed that several of our friends drifted away from the club.  We soon followed.

I loved the friendships and fun of being with other Corvette owners.  My thought was if I could start another club, how would it be different? Would it be more fun?  Would anyone want to join?  I started circulating the thought about starting a new Corvette club.  The response from several of our friends was pretty strong and the thought picked up momentum.

With the growing enthusiasm, Ron Del Monte and I decided to sit down and put ideas to paper.  We did that at the Cheesecake Factory in San Diego.  Over several hours and a few adult beverages, we drafted our thoughts for the club on a cocktail napkin.  The key elements of the club were that we wanted true Corvette enthusiasts, limited membership, and to not be bound by requirements of a national organization. Most of all, we wanted to enjoy our Corvettes, have fun, and have a cool club logo!

The concept of the logo was very simple.  I saw a photo of a red hot rod Corvette (1964) with side pipes. I made a few crude tracing of photos and added the road, sun, and sea.  I also penciled in the iconic six tail light modification.  Local graphic artists at Bear Designz added the color, palm trees, and modified the design into our current logo.

We also needed a name for the new club.  We wanted a name that was more regional in nature that described our California Corvette club.  Adding ‘Southern’ to our California Corvette club completed the thought for the name.  Southern California Corvette Club was not currently in use by any other club in this region,  so we used it!

With outline, logo, and name in hand, it was time to see if anyone else was also interested in the concept. The first informal meeting was planned at Ron’s house.  We discussed our ideas for a club with several of our Corvette friends.  We started putting ideas together and roughed out a club charter.  With approximately a dozen potential members interested, we decided to move forward with the new club.  Renee and I hosted the first official club social in February of 2012 and Southern California Corvette Club was born!

Today, we are a club of over 40 members and proud custodians of beautiful Corvettes from all generations.  As a club we have enjoyed many socials, runs, shows, and events together.  None of this would have been possible without the help from all of my Corvette friends. A big thank you to our club members for bringing this thought to life!

-Doug Barnett

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